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This series of teachings is a call to the whole Body of Christ to wake up to the errors and false teachings that have crept into the Church. The Lord's return is close and the prophesied events are about to take the world by storm. Biblical history has shown over and over again how mourning and repentance have preceded revitalisation, wholeness and obedience among God's people. The Lord is calling the Church to repent and mourn to remove sin, error and deception to become ready for His coming. It is important for every member of the Body of Christ to know what is in error and what is in ignorance in the Church. The Lord is speaking; He wants to heal all that is broken in the Body of Christ. This series will show you how to avoid the many deceptions and errors that are prevalent in today's churches and how the Lord wants us to deal with these.

  • www.thebookofrevelation.netAudio Teaching: Take Heed and Be Prepared

    by Mark Atkinson

    This is the flagship teaching in this series. The Lord is calling the whole Church to mourning and repentance so that He may heal what is broken and strengthen what is weak. This teaching shows how those who discern error in the Church must seek to restore those in error in a spirit of humbleness and gentleness. Today, pride and ignorance are prevailing in the Church at all levels but the Lord is ready and willing to heal all this if the Church repents. This teaching shows how many well known churches and ministries have fallen into deception, error and ignorance. The Lord is calling all back to His Word. He is promising, upon repentance, to set free those in error so they may recover themselves out of the snare of the Adversary.


  • www.thebookofrevelation.netAudio Teaching: God's Love and Christian Persecution Today and Tomorrow by James Atkinson

    This teaching destroys the myth that if God is love then He won’t let us go through the persecution in the final 7 years and therefore we must be raptured beforehand. Our Father declares in His Word that those who live godly shall suffer persecution. He also declares His great love for us. Official figures declare that over two hundred million Christians suffered persecution last year and 100,000 of these were executed because they refused to deny Christ. This teaching reveals the truth that the vast majority of this persecution comes from the Islamic Middle East. Furthermore, it lays out the Biblical truths concerning Babylon, Islam and the persecution of the saints in the final seven years.


  • www.thebookofrevelation.netAudio Teaching:

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