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  • Image descriptionTeaching Series: Repent and be Ready

    This series of teachings is a call to the whole Body of Christ to wake up to the errors and false teachings that have crept into the Church. The Lord's return is close and the prophesied events are about to take the world by storm. Biblical history has shown over and over again how mourning and repentance have preceded revitalisation, wholeness and obedience among God's people. The Lord is calling the Church to repent and mourn to remove sin, error and deception to become ready for His coming. It is important for every member of the Body of Christ to know what is in error and what is in ignorance in the Church. The Lord is speaking; He wants to heal all that is broken in the Body of Christ. This series will show you how to avoid the many deceptions and errors that are prevalent in today's churches and how the Lord wants us to deal with these. (CLICK HERE)

  • Image descriptionAudio Teaching: Narrow is the path to life, broad is the way to destruction by Mark Atkinson

    In Matthew 7, the Lord was not comparing the world's religions. Rather, he was comparing the hearts of His people. He prophesied that many people in the future would claim allegiance and loyalty to Him, yet He will declare to them that He never knew them. He explained that there will be many who are on the wide road to destruction, and He likened their hearts to branches that would bear no fruit and also likened them to the house that was built on the sand. The Apostle Paul also spoke of these things in Philippians and he wept for the many Christians whose hearts were not being fashioned into Christ but were more like the ways of the world. This teaching shows us the narrow gate and how the faithful walk on the narrow road that leads to life. (CLICK HERE)

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  • Image descriptionWalking in the Love of God in the End Times by James Atkinson

    Walking in the Love of God in the End Times by James Atkinson is a three part series of audio teachings that shows us how to truly walk in God's love and as powerful faithful witnesses of Jesus Christ in the End Times. This study examines the different types of love found in the bible including what is the Love of God and how we can manifest the power of it. This series also examines the spiritual battleground of the final 7 years before our Lord's return. It unearths how God almighty within His sovereignty separates the World for judgement into two camps - those who the desire after The Lie by the way of the Antichrist against those who love The Truth by the way of Jesus Christ. The Word of God declares that God is love and so this study is essential to every Christian who desires to walk in alignment to their heavenly Father. Scroll down to play the three audio teachings:

  • Image descriptionAudio Teaching 1: Walking in the Love of God in the End Times (Part 1 of 3) by James Atkinson.


  • Image descriptionAudio Teaching 2: Walking in the Love of God in the End Times (Part 2 of 3) by James Atkinson.


  • Image descriptionAudio Teaching 3: Walking in the Love of God in the End Times (Part 3 of 3) by James Atkinson.


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Audio Teaching: The Seven Trumpets in the Book of Revelation by Mark Atkinson

This teaching shows the purpose and nature of the 7 trumpets in the Book of Revelation and how the first 6 trumpets are warnings before the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Image descriptionAudio Teaching: Let us not faint nor depart from the Faith by James and Mark Atkinson (01-03-2012)

Some Bible teachers say there will be no apostasy in the End Times. Those who say such things usually have a presumptuous view of what an apostasy should be and they do not carefully consider what the Word of God actually says. Sadly, through their own presumption, they unwittingly deny the Word of God to themselves in the process. Well, let's look into this and see what the Word of God tells us so that we can have a wholesome understanding. If you are someone who has believed there is no departure from the faith in the End Times, then we would ask you to prayerfully consider what you are about to read and let God speak to you through his Word.


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  • Image descriptionAudio Teaching: Why study Prophecy by Mark Atkinson (21-02-2012)

    Why study Bible prophecy? The short answer is that the Lord commands us to do so. It is important for us to know the Word of the Lord in the End Times so that we know what He will do in those days and why He will be doing it. Intense deception is coming; knowing Bible prophecy will guard us against being deceived. The Lord also declares that we are to have all scripture in order to be properly equipped for all good works. Whilst there are many of God's people who are ignoring prophecy today, this teaching shows us the importance of studying Bible prophecy.


  • Image descriptionAudio Teaching: Having a mindset for the End Times - What does God say? By Mark Atkinson (11-03-2012)

    What mindset should we have regarding the End Times? What does the Lord instruct us in His Word? This teaching explains in detail from the Bible what and how we ought to think regarding End Times' events. The Bible clearly shows the how of withstanding the evil to come and how we are able to stand in that day.


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Audio Teaching: The Image of Christ and the Image of the Beast by Mark Atkinson (23-01-2012)


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Audio Teaching: The Mark of the Beast by Mark Atkinson