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  • 'Thy Kingdom Come' by

    Mark Atkinson

    Every prophecy in the Bible about Jesus Christ's first coming was fulfilled in minute detail. But the story of the Messiah does not end in the first century. The Bible also tells us that He will come a second time. When He does, He will establish the Kingdom of God in the whole earth. Every person will be subject to Him. During His first coming, the Lord showed His followers how to pray. He said "Hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come". Our future as Christians is to be "forever with the Lord". We now pray the same prayer. Christians in the first century had a detailed knowledge of what will take place in future. They understood how God's plan would unfold. They also understood what God said about preparing for that time ahead. Indeed, they set the example for the generation that will see the Lord return. How can Christians today learn these truths? What does the Lord want us to do? How should we prepare for the time ahead? It is clear from the Scriptures that no Christian today should be ignorant of these matters.

    This book has the answers. It shows from the Scriptures what God wants us to understand. It choreographs future events. It exposes the Lie which Satan uses to deceive mankind. But most importantly, this book will equip you to stand strong. It is the Lord's will that you are prepared to meet Him at His glorious coming.




  • Unveiling The Great Mystery of the First Century Church

In recent years, the world has offered its own versions of the truth behind Christianity: the Da Vinci Code, the secret gospels and secret societies within the Church. But here is a book with a difference that offers its readers the real mystery of the Christian faith. The Bible actually records God's own version of "the Great Mystery" of Christianity. The apostles and prophets in the first century church were guardians of a secret knowledge which they taught to the faithful followers of Jesus Christ. This secret teaching is the most powerful knowledge in the entire world. The Bible speaks of its glorious riches and how God wants to make them known. This is the true heart of Christianity. Perhaps for the first time in two thousand years, this book opens up with remarkable clarity, the revelation that God gave to the Apostle Paul. It is a 'must' read for every Christian. The Great Secret of the Christian faith is the strong meat of the Bible.


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    • El Gran Misterio de la Iglesia del Primer Siglo

    EL GRAN MISTERIO DE LA IGLESIA DEL PRIMER SIGLO Volumen 1 (e-book) - Muy pocas personas aprecian hoy en día la verdadera naturaleza de la Cristiandad. A través de los tiempos, la Cristiandad ha pasado a institucionalizarse y ha caído en los lazos del legalismo y de la tradición. Ha pasado a formar parte del mundo de las religiones como si fuese una religión más. Sin embargo, en el corazón del verdadero Cristianismo reside un escenario bien diferente. El verdadero Cristianismo es único. Los apóstoles y profetas de la Iglesia del primer siglo fueron guardianes de un conocimiento secreto que enseñaron a los seguidores fieles de Jesucristo. Sin embargo, para la mayor parte de las personas hoy en día, este secreto conocimiento se encuentra perdido. Esta enseñanza del secreto de los primeros cristianos es el más poderoso conocimiento en el mundo entero. La Biblia nos habla de sus gloriosas riquezas y de cómo Dios desea darlas a conocer. Este conocimiento secreto es el verdadero corazón de la Cristiandad.


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