Article: Will there be an apostasy in the End Times? By Mark Atkinson


Some Bible teachers say there will be no apostasy in the End Times. Those who say such things usually have a presumptuous view of what an apostasy should be and they do not carefully consider what the Word of God actually says. Sadly, through their own presumption, they unwittingly deny the Word of God to themselves in the process. Well, let's look into this and see what the Word of God tells us so that we can have a wholesome understanding. If you are someone who has believed there is no departure from the faith in the End Times, then we would ask you to prayerfully consider what you are about to read and let God speak to you through his Word. Click on one of the four tabs below to read.




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Article: The Meaning of Wormwood

by James Atkinson


There is a particular judgement we read of in the book of Revelation called Wormwood. This judgement occurs after the third trumpet is blown. We read in the Book of Revelation of a great star, like a burning lamp, falling to earth with devastating consequences to a third of the rivers and waters causing many to die. But why has our Father called this Wormwood? What are the spiritual and physical significance of it? Why is it so important for the faithful church to understand this? This article explores and answers these very important questions, bringing new light on God's Prophetic Word. Click on one of the five tabs below to read or listen.



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Article: The Role of the Faithful Witnesses in the End Times - Part 1 by James Atkinson (2011)


We are called by our heavenly Father to have a full understanding of what will happen in the End Times. He expects us to know and to carry out the specific instructions laid out for us in His word for when this time occurs. Alternatively, without this knowledge, we stand unprepared for the most troublesome time ahead, when our faith will be tested to the extreme. Our Father expects us to be ready, and so the time to prepare, for the time that is ahead, is right now....

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